I’ve read a book: A Little Life


How long does it take to finish a book with 700 pages? Well, in case of A Little Life, it took me only 7 days. I’ve had little sleep, and worked very little, but it was worth it.

The first things that comes to mind while reading this book is: how much can people suffer in their lives? The main character Jude is the personification of ‘bad luck’. He has an incredibly hard life, that makes you put every bad thing in your own life into perspective. I think anyone can relate to Jude, in a certain way. But I sincerely hope that no one had to go through all that.

When the worst of his childhood years are over, he goes to college. There he meets his three best friends, the other focus of the book. One of those friends is called Willem. Willem is his rock. Later in the book they become even closer. Until the most tragic ending happens.


Something important I learned from the book was to make sure people know they are appreciated. His whole life Jude thought he wasn’t loved. He always felt like he should return it when people did something nice for him. He never felt like he deserved the love his friends had for him. I think I’ve felt it sometimes, just like everyone else. But I don’t want anyone of my friends or family feel like that, ever! So my mission now is to make people feel loved and appreciated like they deserve.

Another thing that I picked up was the importance of friendship. Even if you’re born without family, you can create your own. Good friends will stand by you and accept you no matter what you do or what you look like. Jude never believed it, but his friends loved him so much. He was a successful young man with loads of friends but he was never confident enough to understand that his friends liked him for who he was. Jude has the most amazing life but still can’t cope with himself and his feelings.

There’s only one thing that kind of stood out in a not-so-good-way. The four friends who are the main focus, all become very successful. Like the way of successful only a handful of people can achieve. They travel all over the world, buy several houses in New York and go eat sushi several times a week. The kind of life that’s lifeporn. It takes away a bit of seriousness of the book.

Long story short. Any book that is over 500 pages would become boring. But not this one. I wish this one never ended. Don’t read if you’re emotionally unstable. It took me several days to get over it.


A little something: SKAM

Lately, all I saw on Tumblr was Skam. I went investigating and… I binged the whole show (up until the currant episode) in one weekend.

Skam is a Norwegian webseries about teenagers in highschool. We follow their journey with friends, love, sex, school and parents. The show was already really popular in Norway, but now it is taking over the whole world. Every season there’s a new main character, still from the same group of friends or same school. It is now that Isak is the main character in season 3 that the show blew up. Isak is exploring his sexuality and discovers that he likes boys, which results in a gay storyline. Tumblr jumped on GIFs of the boys kissing and shared the images massively.

But I can’t blame them. I’ve binged the show, had no sleep and got no schoolwork done. It is so good. Realistic with a hint of humor. It is no simple soap. We can see very stereotypical girls and boys, but they each bring their own advice and thoughts to the table. It makes an interesting mix of friends, misunderstandings, opinions and important life-lessons.

You can tell that there has been put thought into how the images were shot. We can see a mix of close-ups and wide shots. There has been played with the color-settings to capture the atmosphere of the scene. Slow-motion is often used to dramatize or even humorize a scene. The music added to the shots has been cleverly used. They mix classical music with Norwegian music and the biggest pophits. The music is adapted to the emotion of the scene. Instead of being background noise, it adds something to the show.

If we’re talking favorite characters I have to nominate Sana. She seems like a very pessimistic girl who can’t be bothered about the problems the majority of the teenage girls are dealing with, like boys and sex. But when you need her the most, she’s the one who would kill for her friends. She stands up to everybody who tries to hurt her loved ones. In one scene she presents the greatest monologue about war and peace and power in the history of teenagers. If I ever had 20 percent of her coolness I would be happy. I really hope she will be the main character for season 4.

So, peeps. Find yourself the episodes with English subtitles (on Tumblr you can find them), follow the characters on insta (yes, the fictive characters have instagram!), and start binging. Be ready to fall in love.