On January 1st I, and a majority of people in the world, always make lots of plans for the following year. Twenty-seventeen was no difference. But instead of making resolutions like: work out more, eat beter, do better at school and blablabla, I decided to do something more productive and ‘eyebrow-raise-worthy’.

It is often that my friends and I go into discussion about what is right or wrong in this world. It is also often that just thoughts overwhelm me. It is also often I see or read something and I want to share my opinion about that certain something with everyone. I also like to write. So why not combine these things?

I have a voice. And this year I decided to use it. It could be the start of something very good, or even my ultimate downfall. On both levels I hope to be heard. I hope other people hear me and agree with me or, on the other end, educate me if I’m wrong. I hope my writing makes me a more complete person. Both by expressing myself and by learning from others.

So this year my resolutions are about changing on the inside. About becoming a better person, a more intelligent person and a more well-rounded person. I hope my writing helps other people doing the same thing.

This is all supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Like we really want it. So if you’re interested, get yourself a big mug of tea and some chocolate cookies, and start reading. You can laugh, rant, be mad and cry. If you want to talk, I’m open to anything and anyone.

So please, feel welcome in this mess of thoughts, opinions and sharing. This blog is the gateway to my heart and head.

Love, Charlie



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