In 2017 plastic surgery is a sure thing. Everyone has access to it, and it is possible in every way. But, it is still a major point of discussion. In my opinion, plastic surgery is a good thing. It helps people feel better about themselves. Even when someone else thinks the results are not prettier than before, the woman or man who had the surgery will feel more beautiful.

When I asked my mom about what she thinks about plastic surgery, she said it is only good for people who need it for medical purposes, like when you were born with a huge tumor on your face. But I think she forgets the mental health side of things. I myself have had plastic surgery. When I was eighteen I underwent a breast reduction. I didn’t have any physical pain before (which I lied about to my mother and the insurance, I admit) but mentally, it wasn’t easy. I did it purely for my mental health, my confidence went up so much.

Another example is the famous Kylie Jenner. She got her lips done when she was seventeen and got loads of hate for it. But why? She herself said in an interview that it made her feel better and prettier. And isn’t this what society preaches: to feel good in your own skin?

I know there are extreme cases that take plastic surgery too far, but there are more cases where it takes a good turn. Plastic surgery is a deeper thing than just plumping up your lips or getting bigger breasts to fit in. It is about feeling confident in your own body. If we can wear clothes that optically slim our legs, fake tan or get piercings, why not change something more permanently, that makes you feel better in the long run.

I think plastic surgery doesn’t have to be as a big deal as it is. Everyone does what he or she wants to his or her own body and no one has the right to judge it. I wish the media would stop shaming celebrities who’ve had plastic surgeries. If you don’t agree with it, just don’t give it any attention. It is 2017, almost anything is possible, I think people undergoing plastic surgery is the least of the worries. (but please do it safely)


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