Tea is the solution

I’m 1/8th British. It’s not much, but whenever I’m drinking a cup of tea, someone brings it up. The British are known for their love of tea. They are also proud to be called ‘tea-people’. And as they should. I love tea, and what I love the most about it, is the meaning behind it. British people seem to solve everything with a cup of tea. When you’re not feeling good: have a cuppa. When you’ve got a problem: have a cuppa. I really wanted to know what it is about tea that makes it such a panacea?

Unfortunately I can’t ask my great-grandfather any more, so I went searching on the internet. I found out that tea has lots of meanings for lots of different people. But the main reason was comfort. Tea brings comfort to people. And reason. Tea brings reason.

When I start my day, the first thing I do is make a cup of tea. It wakes me up and prepares me for the day. That way, I also drink some of the 1.5 liters of water we’re supposed to drink each day. Throughout the day I drink at least 2 to 8 cups of tea, depending if I’m home or not (too bad tea isn’t offered everywhere like coffee is). Hydration is key to live your life. Tea is hydrating.

On days where I feel cold I drink the most tea (obviously). The feeling of the warm liquid sliding down your throat is just the most comfiest feeling. But even when I’m on holidays in the summer a nice cup of tea can bring contentment. When I’m feeling very stressed of anxious, sitting down with some herbal tea can bring peace in my mind. Drinking tea while I’m writing or working for school can also help me focus.

We see in British series or films, that when a problem occurs, the first thing people often say is: let’s make a cup of tea. I love the idea that tea can order your thoughts and can help you see reason.

At lastly, tea, for me, brings memories. There’s tea that I only drink at my grandparents. There’s tea that reminds me of when I studied for exams last year, as I drank liters. There’s tea that I always buy because I know my best friend likes it and we often drink tea together. In my opinion, tea isn’t just a simple drink.People all over the world drink it and find comfort in it. It’s a warm liquid that can melt your body as well as your mind.


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